Who Are We

The staff

  • Rami Hod

    Rami Hod

    Executive Director of BKC and the partnership with the Social Economic Academy

  • Anat Rosilio

    Anat Rosilio

    Deputy Director of BKC, and Director of the Foundation’s public aren

  • Shay Cherpanov

    Shay Cherpanov

    Director of the leadership programs

  • Tal Weintraub

    Tal Weintraub

    Director of the Fellowship Program

  • Omer Feitelson

    Omer Feitelson

    Program Director, Progressive Economists Program

  • Adam Raz

    Adam Raz

    Project manager

  • Aviad Hominer

    Aviad Hominer

    Fellow and content manager

  • Rafi Kamhi

    Rafi Kamhi

    Director of the Labor Leadership Program. LLP

  • Roni Caspi

    Roni Caspi

    Office Manager at the Social Economic Academy and Content Coordinator

  • Orly Ben-Oren

    Orly Ben-Oren

    Administrative Director